5 Natural Ways to Train Your Brain to be Smarter

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Wassana is now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is originally from Southern Thailand. She loves reading and travelling.

Do you want to know how to train your memory and to improve your cognitive brain function? It is not nearly as difficult as you might think, and it will help you stay active much longer in life. With just a few easy steps, you can be smarter and remember things more easily in just minutes a day.

Educate and Innovate

One of the greatest ways to train your brain is to keep learning. You can do this in any number of ways. You should turn off the television and read as much as possible. Use an online reading app or check out your local library for unlimited access to books. Some libraries even offer books online now. Try new things and learn a new language. A new language can provide you with so much more than a better brain. You should also write about the things you learn each day. And, be sure that you use your online time appropriately. Take the time to read the news and watch a TED talk now and again.

Food and Drink

To improve your brain function, you must eat and drink the right fuel to be able to perform well at work and to improve your mood. To begin, you should greatly reduce your sugar intake and alcohol consumption as both are known to be linked to the decline of cognitive functions. It is also a good idea to reduce the number of refined carbs you eat. And, it is important to note that your weight can actually be directly related to your memory, particularly for those who are obese. If you stick to a more all-natural and organic diet, you are far more likely to improve your brain function and memory skills.

Exercise and Meditation

Meditation is rapidly growing as one of the best ways to care for and develop your brain. It is directly related to reduced stress, improved memory, minimized pain and lowered blood pressure. It is also known to aid in improved sleep habits when performed before bed. This is an added bonus as good sleep is essential to top brain performance, as well. And, exercise is imperative for a properly functioning brain and improved memory. You can go for a walk at lunch or take a long bike ride on the weekend. As long as you are moving, you are heading in the right direction.

Puzzles and Games

Break out the games and puzzles even if kids are not a part of your life. Whether you play wood games such as Scrabble or play card games such as bridge, many games and puzzles are good for your cognitive brain function. You might also a 3D puzzle to truly push your brain to the limits. If you are looking for something to do on your own, try to complete a crossword puzzle each day.


Poor sleep performance is directly related to a decline in cognitive skills, as well as a decrease in memory function. It is essential to receive a good night’s sleep to be able to maximize your performance each day. It will help to make you smarter, to learn new skills more easily, to accomplish tasks with greater efficiency and fewer mistakes and to enhance your memory.

You can quickly and easily train your brain and improve your memory. Be sure to take time to read, play puzzles and games, eat right, exercise and meditate. If you do these things each day, you will have an agile and sharp mind well into the future.

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