Wolves are mysterious and beautiful creatures. They represent solitude yet also are strengthened by the pack; they balance a fierce intelligence with unmistakable instinct. They are both hunters and watchers, and consequently, they have a lot to say about navigating life’s twisting paths:

1. Be instinctive. Follow your nose! Find the path that’s right for you; you don’t have to follow anyone else’s paw prints through the woods.

2. Be trusting. Keep your ears open and believe in the wisdom of the pack; trust family, friends and teachers as you navigate the wilderness of life.

3. Be wild. Howl at the moon every now and then. Make time for the fun, the mysterious, and the unknown elements of life.

4. Be self-reliant. Learn to look to yourself for help. Nourish your body. Heal your wounds. Make your own friends, for better and for worse. Take a stand for something you believe in.

5. Be adaptable. Go where the hunting takes you, and move gracefully with the changes of the moon and the seasons, trusting nature’s way as the course for your life.