Whales are the gentle giants of the sea. Beautiful and mysterious, they stir the imagination in ways few other creatures can. They are regarded as loving, patient, and wise – and they have a lot to teach about nature and the rhythms of life:

1. Go with the flow. Whales seek out the warm currents and move with the rhythm of the ocean. We, too, can learn to swim in tune with nature by following the direction that makes us feel happy and healthy.

2. Come up for air. Whales never forget to return to the surface, no matter what. So when things get really busy, take a moment to yourself and just breathe.

3. Use your head. Whales are among the most intelligent life forms on Earth (so those large noggins aren’t just for chomping plankton!). Always make time to stimulate the mind, and expand your intellectual horizons.

4. Stick together. Whales spend a large chunk of their lives traveling in packs or “pods.” Similarly, seek out friends and family who can help you navigate the waves of life.

5. Sing your own song. Whales communicate with each other through distinct “songs,” and other underwater noises. So let all of your words and actions be a reflection of your unique personality!