5 Life Lessons From A Lion

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The lion is fierce and proud, the king of the savannah, the ruler of the Serengeti. Held as a symbol of bravery and strength in many cultures around the world, the lion also carries a more soulful reputation as a creature of grace and wisdom. Here are five ways lions teach us to live our own lives with courage and compassion.

1. Grow into your paws. Remember that each one of us starts as a cub – and that there is plenty of time to explore and learn as we become full-grown.

2. Follow your nose. Don’t stop searching until you find the trail that leads you towards what you want to become – and only you can do your own searching.

3. Have courage. Know that your greatest strength is never more than a deep breath away. Don’t ever hesitate to roar down any doubts or fears. 

4. Trust the pride. A “pride” of lions, that is. Seek guidance and wisdom from the family, friends, and teachers who surround you on the journey.

5. Know when to rest. Even the kings of the savannah make plenty of time to rest and restore each day.

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