5 Life Lessons from a Hummingbird

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The hummingbird is one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Although diminutive, hummingbird makes an impact — when you’re lucky enough to spot one. Here are five life lessons we can all learn from the agile, beautiful hummingbird:

1. Don’t Let (Perceived) “Limitations” Hold You Back

Some might see the hummingbird’s small stature as a limitation; however, their size allows them to hover like a helicopter, fly backwards, forwards, sideways and even completely upside down if needed. They can also fly up to 30 mph and dive as fast as 60 mph. Instead of fixating on limitation, focus on capitalizing on your strengths.

2. Know When to Stand Your Ground

Despite its small size, the hummingbird can be extremely aggressive when called for. They are known to lunge at larger birds when their territory is encroached upon. Take inspiration from hummingbird’s courageous heart and stand up for your true beliefs.

3. Be Efficient

Hummingbird has an extremely good memory and can remember the exact locations of all of the flowers and feeders it’s visited; this comes in handy when planning return visits. Also, when hummingbirds sleep, they enter “torpor,” a very deep state that helps them conserve energy. Always make the most of your time, but when the day is done, relax and refresh. Move with efficiency, but know when it’s time to conserve energy.

4. Stay Flexible and in the Flow of Life

Hummingbirds need to eat several times an hour, but they don’t fixate on just one or two food sources. Hardly; they are aware of thousands of possible flowers or feeders at any given time and can change their course in an instant. Stay intuitive and be ready to adapt and change your plans as needed.

5. Show Your True Colors

The hummingbird’s unique, iridescent coloring sets it apart from other birds, and they are able to adjust how brightly they shine. When light catches their feathers, hummingbird shines and glimmers like no other. When the time is right, let your true colors shine bright.

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