5 Essential Oils For Relaxation

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Ahh, there’s nothing like the power of scent. After a long stressful day, just a whiff of the right aroma can totally change your mood. When you need to clear your mind and unwind, essential oils are a holistic and fragrant way to get there.  

Different oils have different therapeutic properties, and some are more relaxing than others. To inspire serenity and de-stress after a long day, try out these essential oils. Put them in a diffuser or plop about 5 to 10 drops in a boiling pot of water. Or just uncap the bottle and inhale!


Lavender is not only one of the most popular essential oils, it’s also one of the most well-studied. Lavender has a proven sedative effect. In one study, it actually lowered participants blood pressure and heart rate, calming the overall nervous system. It also helps with anxiety and insomnia.


While rose oil is popular for beauty and skincare, it’s great when you need to soothe your mind. Rose oil also has uplifting qualities and is even helpful for relieving depression.


You might recognize bergamot if you’ve ever had a nice cup of Earl Grey, as this citrusy fruit is what gives the blend its signature taste. But bergamot isn’t just flavorful. As an essential oil, it reduces anxiety and lowers stress levels.  

Ylang Ylang

This sweet and floral oil comes from Southeast Asia. Perfect for easing tension and anger, it has actually been shown to decrease blood pressure. It’s also highly soothing, with a proven ability to inspire calm.

Clary Sage

Clary sage has a long medicinal history and is said to be especially helpful for women. Both soothing and uplifting, it has a demonstrated antidepressant effect. It has also been shown to reduce feelings of stress in medical patients. 

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