5 Easy Houseplants

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Nothing brightens up a room like a little greenery. Houseplants inspire positive energy and are a great way to improve air quality. Studies have shown that they can help with breathing, improve healing and recovery when you are ill, and even boost your productivity. Not to mention, they’re just darn pleasant to look at!

But maybe you’ve held off on houseplants. Maybe you feel like you don’t have time to care for them. Or perhaps you’re one of those folks who lacks a green thumb. Never fear! We’ve highlighted five easy-to-care-for plants that might tempt you to check out your local nursery.  


Aloe has plump and spiky leaves, this insides of which are filled with a natural healing gel that soothes cuts and wounds. Aloe does well in sunlight, but the plant also prefers dryer soil, meaning you won’t be burdened with frequent watering. Keep one in the kitchen and you’ll have natural ointment on hand for burns!


Beget with needles and spikes, cactuses bring the stark beauty of the dessert right to your home. Cactuses need to be watered at least once a week, but their natural ruggedness means they will survive if you miss watering them every now and then. However, to help your cactus thrive, be sure to keep it in bright light!

Snake Plant

The snake plant has long green leaves that grow upwards and resemble slithering snakes! Snake plants are tough but forgiving little guys. They can survive in a variety of temperatures and lighting levels (however, they do best in bright sunlight and definitely won’t survive in 50 degrees or colder). Another plus? They fare better when watered sparingly (as opposed to being over watered), so you won’t be rushing home everyday to give it a drink. 

Jade Plants

Considered good luck, jade plants are characterized by their plump little leaves. Jade plants only need to be watered when their soil is dry, meaning all you need to do is check the soil to see if they need a drink. Like other succulents, they prefer lots of sunlight.

Peace Lily

So far we’ve highlighted plants that prefer bright light, but the peace lily is a nice variation. They do best in medium to low light, so they are great for homes or apartments with less windows. Like the jade plant, the peace lily just needs to be checked for watering. If their soil is dry, give them a drink!

Try it out! See if you can brighten your place with a few green companions.

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