The pen is often mightier than the sword. Here are fourpowerful yet simple words you can use as personal weapons in any challenge lifethrows your way.

Courage (from Latin, cormeaning heart) is a weapon thatexists deep within us. Courage grows through daring; when you step outside yourcomfort zone you grow in strength and self reliance. Courage is not limited to outerbattles – it is an element of inner confidence you can build everyday, whetherspeaking to a stranger for the first time or sharing your true feelings withthose closest to you.

Courage is resistance tofear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear. (Mark Twain)


Fighting with heart is about fighting with compassion and energyfor the things and people that matter most to you in this world. The heart iscontains the spark you need to pursue fulfillment and happiness in your life,your relationships, and your creative endeavors. Above all, the heart sees whatis invisible to the eyes, revealing the positive impact of love andcompanionship in our lives, no matter what else is happening around us.

The way is not in thesky. The way is in the heart.(Buddha)


More than physical ability, strength means finding yourpower to climb past walls and obstacles that may appear on your individualpath. It is the inner life force that keeps on going when minds and hearts aretired. And it can be the spiritual element of our beings that tells us to keepon pushing, even when we feel we can go no further.

That which does notkill us makes us stronger.(Friedrich Nietzsche)


Real wisdom is not about knowing more than anyone else does.It is about learning from our own mistakes and learning how to make adjustments,and importantly, realizing that the past and present are illusions and that wehave only this moment in which to live.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.(Socrates)

Courage, heart, strength, wisdom. These weapons, along withmany others, already exist within us. We just have to look inside and findthem.