In nature, every thing exists for a purpose. The smallest pebble on the river bottom and the tiniest seashell in the ocean are there for a reason, even if the reasons seem too subtle to understand.

Likewise, every thing in our lives has its purpose. Our direction, our dreams, our passions exist for specific reasons – and it is up to us to figure out what those reasons are. Here are some ways to begin.

Be peaceful.

Make time each day to be calm and meditate. Find your space where distractions fade, and focus your energy on figuring out what really makes you come alive.

Be patient.

Let your best qualities be the ones that develop over time. Important deeds are not hurried – they are done with great care and wisdom. Even the slowest path has an ultimate destination.

Be persistent.

When you discover your direction, work with complete dedication towards it. Be flexible in the face of everyday challenges and make every moment count towards the goal you have set.

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