When you can’t change the world – change your thoughts! Here are three simple ways to see beyond challenges and focus on the goodness that surrounds us each day.

1. Be Happy – it is often said that life is 10% what happens, and 90% how we react to it. So while we can’t choose every circumstance in life, we can always choose to approach each day with joy. The mind is the gateway of experience, and when we allow beauty, goodness, and laughter to pass through us, our entire existence becomes light and free.

2. Be Hopeful – hope is the force that propels us towards the life we dream of. If we didn’t hope for anything, we wouldn’t try anything new or exciting! The law of nature is change – nothing can stay the same forever, and within that theory of constant change is a constant potential for wonderful new beginnings.

3. Be Here Now – staying in the present moment is one of the greatest keys to happiness and health of mind, body, and spirit. Living fully in the moment at hand eliminates the need to control the past and the future, and allows us to focus on the good things happening right this second.