3 Simple Ways To Start Working With Energy

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Energy is all around us, influencing our moods, vitality, and our overall sense of wellbeing. When we feel stuck, discouraged, or just “meh”, we can find ways to increase the flow of positive energy in order to feel strong and invigorated. Alternatively, we can also rid ourselves of the negative energy that’s weighing us down. 

While it may sound overwhelming, you needn’t be an expert to experiment with energy healing. Here are three simple ways to start working with energy for optimal wellbeing and to make positive changes in your life. 


Gemstones vibrate with special energies that we can absorb as needed. The type of energy you’ll receive from gemstones depends on the specific stones you’re working with. Some gemstones are good for love, others for self-discovery, and others for abundance. Alternatively, gemstones can also absorb any energies that might harm us, offering protection and strength. Learn more about gemstones here.


While we always want more good energy, there are moments in which we need to clear away the energy that isn’t serving us. If you are feeling overwhelmed or scattered, you may benefit from smudging. Smudging uses the burning of sacred herbs to purify spaces and cleanse the aura, resulting in a feeling of balance and peace. Smudging is especially great after breakups or fights, or when you’re recovering from a difficult time. It’s also appropriate for new beginnings, like when you are starting a new job or moving. Learn more about smudging here


Setting intentions is fueling your deepest desires with heartfelt energy so as to manifest them in your life. Intentions work off of the concept of “like attracts like”: when you set an intention, the goal is to put out the same energy that you wish to receive in turn. For example, if you wish to acquire wealth, you can set an intention to become more financially savvy. Infusing this intention with positive vibrations helps it come to fruition. Learn more about the intention process here

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