In many traditions, frogs are considered wise and peaceful creatures of nature. And while they’re a lot smaller (and greener) than we are, they have some pretty important things to teach us about life.

1. They know how to adapt. Frogs move with grace through water. They leap through the air with ease. And they can live just about anywhere on ground – rock beds and tree canopies included. In short, frogs understand what it means to be fluid in one’s environment. 

2. They know how to appreciate stillness. You can’t catch flies by jumping around all the time. Even the busiest of us need to make time to sit, reflect, and wait for good things to come our way. Besides, a mirror-smooth pond is a thing of beauty.

3. They know to take their time to grow. Frogs don’t start out as masters of water and earth. They begin as tiny tadpoles, taking as much time as they need to find their legs, learn to swim, and make their permanent home in the world.