3 Powerful Quotes for Your Spiritual Journey

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 Wise words are like lighthouses on the shores of ourexistence. Here are three powerful quotes about spirituality to help younavigate with courage and compassion in each day’s journey.

  1. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)
    We all face challenges. And while the path through thesechallenges may seem unfamiliar, we must remember that many before us have comethis same way, undergoing the same transformations that we face now. Trust inthe journey, without worrying about the destination.

  2. “There is no need for temples; no need for complicatedphilosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy iskindness.” (The Dalai Lama)
    The words and actions of others can bring us guidance and solace.However we can also become our own spiritual teachers through simple actionssuch as compassion for our fellow beings, remembering that all that we think,we become. Our sense of wholeness begins within our own minds.

  3. “Great men are they who see that spiritual force isstronger than any material force – that thoughts rule the world.”(Ralph WaldoEmerson)
    Small moments help us realize that we are more than acollection of mass and atoms. We are driven by a certain spark that tells us weare made of something more, and our lives may become something greater if onlywe begin to search.

Each of us is more than our minds and bodies alone. We allhave a human spirit – this deepest part of ourselves that recognizes ourconnection to something greater in the universe. And it is this human spirit,not language, race or religion, which connects us to one another.

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