3 Meditations on Wellness

Meditation gives us a chance to take a few minutes out of our day and focus on enhancing our awareness and abilities in a certain aspect of our lives. Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM), for example, focuses on compassion in all interactions, including the self. Another great area to center our intentions is Wellness. Here are a few brief meditations (about 10 minutes each) you can use to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in your life.


 Rejuvenate the Body

We spend so much time running around, its no wonder we feel beat at day’s end. The next time you feel worn out, spend ten minutes in rejuvenating meditation. Choose a brightly lit room with no distractions and begin – sit fully upright and breathe powerfully with eyes neither completely closed nor open.

After a few minutes, your physical tension will subside as you call to mind feelings of energy and happiness. This is a great meditation for late evenings, and you can try following it with a light exercise to feel physically refreshed.


Relax the Mind

Meditation is also a great way to ease mental stress that damages our ability to live happily each day. Try to surround yourself with calming colors (blues and greens) or is possible, some element of water. In this meditation the goal is to breathe as slowly as possible, letting negative thoughts come and go without judging them.

A cool Zen trick is to envision your mind as a dusty bowl, and then let each peaceful thought be like water washing the bowl clean again. Smile throughout this exercise to boost your mood as you return to the day.


Revive the Spirit

Quiet time alone can sometimes help restore our faith in the goodness of humanity better than time spent socially. Make yourself comfortable, breathe until you begin to feel relaxed, and start with a mantra or set of words with special spiritual meaning to you.

You can even say the words “peace” or “love” over and over again if you aren’t familiar with traditional meditation mantras. The goal here is to push focus away from the self and onto one’s greater place in the universe, encouraging love for all beings.

While meditation is just one path towards overall wellness, you may be surprised at how differently you feel in terms of personal health even after a few repeated sessions. Like any other self improvement routine, you have to find what works best for you personally – including what times of day and locations make you the most comfortable.