Whether it’s ordering food or paying our bills, smart phones have drastically changed our lives. And for better or worse, they’re here to stay. You might as well use yours for good! Check out these smart phone apps, which seamlessly blend charitable giving into your regular life.

Donate a Photo

IOS and Android

You know all those selfies and photos of brunch sitting on your phone? Did you know they can be used for the greater good? Donate a Photo, run by Johnson and Johnson, gives a dollar to a cause of your choice every time you share a photo through their app. The app has a number of causes you can browse, and each has a specific project goal (for example, users can donate photos to fund heart surgeries for up to 120 children in need). Once a project’s goal is met, other projects are then added. Not only can you upload photos, you can also browse through the gallery to check out other people’s contributions.

Charity Miles 

IOS and Android

This app is a fitness tracker and do-gooder all in one. The premise is simple: download the app and use its GPS-system to track how far you walk, jog, or bike. For every mile you log, the app will donate a small amount of money to a charity of your choice. There are over 40 charities to choose from, including the World Wildlife Fund and Save The Children. The donations aren’t very large: running a single mile earns 25 cents, and biking earns 10 cents. But that all that small change definitely adds up over time: thus far, the app has raised over 2 million dollars! It’s perfect for regular runners, people on the go, or those who need a little extra incentive to get up and move.

Coin Up


It’s no secret: small change can make a big difference. And with Coin Up all, your spare change can help someone in need. Every time you use your credit or debit card, this app rounds your purchase up to the nearest dollar. At the end of the month, all that spare change is collected and donated to a nonprofit that you select. The transaction is completely secure and even works if you pay through Venmo or Apple Pay. Plus, Coin Up sends you a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year.

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