20 Simple Reasons to Be Thankful

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Sometimes the simple things count the most – here are 20 down-to-earth reasons to think thankfully today:

Familybecause without them, we wouldn’t be here
Good Friendsbecause one true companion is worth a hundred acquaintances
Teachers for giving us the chance to grow and keep growing
Laughterfor balancing seriousness with silliness
Random Kindnessfor helping strangers, and having strangers help us

The Sun and the Moonfor light in the day and the night
Fall Foliagefor making autumn fun and crunchy
Chapstickfor always keeping our lips safe in changing seasons
Snowfor giving beauty to winter months
Hot Soupfor warm refreshment on cold days

Indoor Spacesfor light, heat, and a table to sit around
Good Booksfor sparking our imagination
Buttery Popcornfor making any movie more delicious
Good Artfor awakening our senses.
Maps and Appsfor helping us navigate our entire life

Yogafor fueling our spirits
Hot Teafor calming our senses
Great Conversationsto go with tea
Flowersfor helping us look closely at each individual petal
Holidays  to reflect and appreciate all of the above and more

What are the simple things that make you thankful? Add to our list by commenting below!

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