When stressed, it becomes essential to renew your inneroptimism. Here are 10 ways to de-stress naturally and take your day back byfocusing on the positive!

1. Play Music: Takingthree minutes to sing or bop along to your favorite radio jam can be a greatway to relieve daily pressure and restore a good mood!

2. Take a Walk: Acalm walk outdoors can be help relieve physical tension, and a dose of freshair can bring clarity to your thoughts, restoring patience and peacefulness inyour mind.

3. Have a Warm Drink:A cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate (especially in cold months) will helpyou de-stress naturally and restore your inner balance and warmth.

4. Daydream Daily:Creativity experts recommend twenty minutes of daydreaming everyday – thishelps calm the mind so you can better focus on possible positive outlets suchas drawing, painting, or writing.

5. Power Down: Asimple method of restoring balance on a bad day can be simply shutting offphones and computers, removing your energy from the demands of the digitalworld and focusing on your personal wellbeing for a while.

6. Clear YourSurroundings: Clutter doesn’t help stress. Take a few minutes to straightenout your room or work area – you’ll feel more refreshed and focused.

7. Bake SomethingGood: Cooking or baking could be a great way to lift spirits on a tryingday – it requires focus and positive energy, and by the time you’re done, yourhouse will smell amazing. The bonus here is that you get to eat your sweetsonce you’re finished!

8. Hit the Gym: Hittingthe gym for a light or intense workout can help make okay days feel better. Notonly does it get out your frustrations, but by the time you’re finished, yourproblems may not seem so intense anymore.

9. Relax Your Mind:Give yourself a night off from being productive and unwind with a favorite (ornew) movie or television show. Think of it as recovery time – you can dosomething more worthwhile tomorrow night!

10. Take a Warm Bath:Make a date with your bathtub this evening and bring along your favorite book.As you relax into the warm water, you can forget about your worries and focusinstead on the escape of your book.

Got any other relaxing rituals? Please share below.