10 Ways to Practice Compassion Throughout Your Day

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Compassion is an ideal that we can all strive for. Whether you express compassion through grand gestures, acts of kindness or in more subtle ways, the energy of compassion immediately uplifts others and brings us closer to our fellow man. The virtue of compassion, which some might say is like “love in action.” The following are 10 ways you can practice kindness and compassion throughout your day:

1. Charitable Actions.

Keep cash in your vehicle to give to homeless persons. As you do, look them in the eye and smile warmly.

2. Random Acts of Kindness.

Offer to pay for the food order of the person behind you in the restaurant drive-thru. (You can ask the cashier how much it is first to make sure their order total is within your budget.)

3. Honor Service Persons. 

Always treat cashiers, receptionists and other service personnel with respect. Ask them how they are doing, and genuinely mean it.

4. Put Others First.

While waiting in line, allow the stressed shopper with just a few items – or a large cart full of items and a fussy child – to check out ahead of you.

5. Be Generous with Your Praise.

Whether it’s a child, a friend, a peer or an acquaintance, be generous with genuine praise about what you admire about them. 

6. Reserve Judgment.

Strive not to be quick to judge, whether it’s someone’s annoying behavior or your neighbor’s un-mowed lawn. You never know what might be going on in someone’s life. Remember that nothing is permanent, and everything will change in time.

7. Be Selfless.

Leave the primo empty parking space for someone else to find, and be content parking further away. You’ll allow someone else the gift of feeling gratitude and appreciation at their good fortune.

8. Bless the World.

Strive to be the best version of yourself in all ways possible. Share your talents out of generosity and kindness.

9. Respect Differences.

Respect others who have different points of view than you do, and see them as part of your human family. Genuinely listen and try to understand where they’re coming from.

10. Trust Life.

Don’t worry about not making an impact with seemingly small acts of compassion. Follow your heart and let your inner self guide you in your actions large and small.

Acts of compassion need not be grandiose gestures to make an impact. Compassion is more about what’s in your heart as you take the action. The need for more kindness and compassion in this world is great, and every gesture you make has the chance to uplift someone in need. Oneness is inside of all of us, not something to be worshipped. Indeed, it is the very fabric of reality.

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