Here are 10 hints for finding dailydirection, and living your most meaningful life.

1. Brainstorm. Whatwere you put on earth for??? Make lists, flowcharts – get it all on paper andfigure out what it is you are inherently good at!

2. Converse. Speakwith someone who does what it is that you want to do. Get feedback from familyand friends, balancing criticism with optimism.

3. Face down fear.Any new venture requires more than talent and effort – exploring the unknownalso takes quite a bit of courage. Look to people you admire for inspiration onovercoming doubts.

4. Practice patience.Especially if you can’t nail down your perfect passion right away, rememberthat your true purpose may be slowly unfolding over time.

5. Study people.Write down names of the figures that inspire your mind and pique your interest.Who makes you want to be creative? And why?

6. Study yourself.What can you spend hours reading/watching? Are there areas you never get tiredof taking in new information? These subjects may hold the key to unlocking yourinner calling.

7. Be natural.Find time everyday to do what comes naturally to you, whether that means beingcreative, solving problems, helping others, etc.

8. Invest inyourself. Make the time to do the things that make you happy – this doesn’tjust mean doing things that leave you entertained, but doing things that leaveyou fulfilled. This mindset does not mean abandoning responsibility, it meansinvesting in your strengths.

9. Develop faith.Be optimistic and stick to your plan. Keep your belief close that your dreamswill come to creation – don’t give up too early!

10. Commit to action.Brainstorming will only get you so far before it’s time to leave the house andact on your desires.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Get busy living.Work to build the life you want to live, not the life that others want for you,whether in your career, creative direction or personal relationships. CarpeDiem!