10 Simple Things Worth Celebrating

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If we learn to truly observe the present, we can see that within each small moment there are elements of joy and wonder worth celebrating. Here are some of the smallest things about life that can raise our spirits and encourage us to express happiness.

  1. The change of seasons: the simple turn of a leaf or falling of the first snow can symbolize the greater nature of our world, showing us that nothing lasts forever and that we should honor the uniqueness of each individual hour.
  2. Time spent alone: a few moments by ourselves to read, write, meditate, or simply close our eyes to the world and restore our sense of “oneness” before interacting with others again.
  3. Time spent with others: sharing a warm beverage, a favorite movie, a late night walk through the park, or a heartfelt conversation over the kitchen table with the people who remind us why life is good and worth living.
  4. Early mornings and late nights: being awake and active at these times gives us the chance to see the world as we normally do not – at first dawn, or beneath the stars, when the pace is less hectic and more conducive to thought and quiet reflection.
  5. Warm meals and homemade treats: One bite of something homemade and delicious can warm and nourish the body and the spirit, or a family recipe can make us remember people who have come and gone before us.
  6. Books and learning: We can celebrate the adventure and mystery of storytelling when getting lost in a favorite novel, retreating from the world for just a little while into a place where extraordinary things are possible.
  7. Sleeping late: How rarely we are given extra time just to restore our minds and bodies. The next chance you have to sleep in for an extra hour or two can be a great reason to celebrate!
  8. Dreaming dreams: Even the things we have not yet achieved can be cause to celebrate life’s potential. Make to-do lists, visualize your wildest successes, and create joy in the beginning of all new journeys.
  9. Small acts of warmth: An honest embrace, a warm hug, or a reassuring handshake can be small reminders of how greatly human connections enhance our lives.
  10. Simple messages of love: A text, email, or phone call from those we cannot physically be with can remind us to celebrate our ability to communicate with each other, even across great distances.
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