10 Reasons to Believe in Goodness

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Every day, we are given two choices. We can look at the world as a place of fog and uncertainty. Or we can choose to see past doubt and fear, recognizing that good things, places, and people are all around us. Here are a few such things to consider, starting now…

Goodness in nature. A short walk outdoors can show that we do live in a magnificent world with changing seasons, natural wonders, and simple elements of beauty found in something as small as a fallen leaf.

Goodness in art. Paintings, music, and works of literature help us realize humanity’s creative potential; the ability to use our imagination to inspire others is what makes artistic expression so worthwhile.

Goodness in others. Every person we meet has the ability to change the course of our lives, whether they have wisdom to share, love to offer, or joy to spread. Friends and strangers alike remind us that we are not alone on walking this path.

Goodness in family. Our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are tied to us in ways that cannot be duplicated by anyone else, and it is within our power to make these relationships harmonious and rewarding in all times.

Goodness in growing. When we observe the lives of people younger than us, we remember that we too can experience life in child-like amazement and joy, as we once did when we were growing.

Goodness in living beings. Animals and pets we care for can awaken our human instinct to protect and preserve life, to care for the living things in the world instead of being careless toward them.

Goodness in playing. Games and leisurely activities remind us that life cannot be all about work and responsibility. We are more than machines; we do need time and space to relax and simply have fun.

Goodness in freedom. When we are lucky enough to live in parts of the world with free speech, free media and free faith, then we are blessed with the liberty to truly choose our own destiny.

Goodness in learning. Schools and universities demand our time and careful study. In return we receive knowledge and wisdom in our subjects of study, as well as insight into what we are capable of becoming in the future.

Goodness in creature comforts. While philosophy and deep thought can awaken a sense of happiness (or at least acceptance) of the world’s nature, sometimes a good meal, warm clothes and a clean bed can be just as helpful in making us see that life isn’t as dark and dangerous as we make it in our minds.

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