Meditation restores us in ways few other activities can.More than simply closing one’s eyes, meditation is actually a process of deepawakening and insight. Here are 10 elements of meditation practice you canadopt one day at a time:

M – Mindfulness: awakening to the possibility of each moment

E – Enlightenment:seeking knowledge, teaching knowledge

D – Dailyintention: one thought, one breath, oneaction at a time

I – Innerbalance: centering the deepest part ofyour spirit

T – Tranquility: looking within to find the calm you need

A – Acceptance: accepting all thoughts without judgment

T – Trueness: authenticity in all aspects of our lives

I – Inner peace: peace in oneself, peace in the world

O – Oneness: realizing you are greater than yourself

N – Namaste: recognizing the divine spark within everybeing

Remember that beyond classmates, guides, and teachers, theonly leader of your spiritual journey is yourself. If you desire to meditate,find the times and places that work best for you. A group may serve your needs,or individual practice may suit you best. Regular meditation has been shown toincrease mood, boost physical well being, and improve relationships withothers, among many, many other benefits. If you want to get started, take tenminutes now, close your eyes, and begin to breathe…