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Book Review: "Judgement Detox" by Gabrielle Bernstein

A book review for Gabrielle Bernstein's Judgement Detox. Gabby invites us in Judgement Detox to work our way through 6 stages of deconstructing the false belief in separateness that judgement creates.


Why Dreams Are So, So Important In Life – 5 Great Quotes To Inspire

Dream of the doors you want, and then walk through them.


This One Little Habit Could Change Everything

You may do it and not even realize it.  


Live Like Fiona: Lessons From A Hippo

In celebration of our favorite hippopotamus, Fiona The Hippo, we’re rounding up all the healthy habits hippos can teach us. 


Thich Nhat Hanh On The Power of Breath

The beloved Zen master offers simple wisdom on how we can live peacefully and mindfully through breathing. 


Live Well
10 Random Acts of Kindness To Perform

Random acts of kindness infuse everyday life with love and spontaneity. Here are 10 easy ways to spread a little goodness and make someone’s day. 


3 Good Things: An Exercise To Boost Happiness

Want to boost happiness and feel better overall? This super easy exercise will help you get there. 


Be A Human Being, Not A Human Doing

In the effort to fill our days with endless tasks and amusements, we often forget how to just be. Here are three ways to put a break on an endless cycle of doing


Crafting Your Way To Mindfulness

Aside from the plain fun of it, crafting is an excellent form of mindfulness meditation. Here are 3 crafts to inspire a meditative “flow” state.

Tricks For Those Who Can’t Meditate

You’ve tried. You want to. But you just can’t seem to meditate. Here are three tricks to help. 


Live Well
10 Ways To Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

If you don’t have a full afternoon (or even a full hour) to find some peaceful alone time, these ten-minute-or-less tips can help you move a bit closer towards mental and physical relaxation. Why not read through our list, and try one now?


How To Use A Gemstone Roller

Gemstones aren’t just for meditation. Learn how you can use a gemstone roller to give yourself smooth, glowing skin!   


Make A Healing Bath With Essential Oils

Baths are an easy way to give yourself a little TLC. Learn how to make yours extra therapeutic with healing essential oils. 


3 Ways To Use Himalayan Salt (Besides Eating It)

Himalayan salt is famous for its rosy pink color, but this natural supplement isn’t just pretty. It offers all types of healing benefits.  


The Tenets of Wellness: Encouragement For Your Journey

There are many ways to be good to ourselves. But it's our beliefs about wellness that determine whether we approach these practices from a place of joy or discouragement.