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The Gift of Sharing a Meal

Whether sitting at the dining room table or sharing from a communal bowl, families all over the world have long enjoyed food together. The next time you’re stressing about cooking and company, take a moment to remember the joys of gathering and eating a shared meal. 


Cultivating Self-Compassion

The idea that we should have compassion for others is a fairly common one. But having compassion for ourselves? Now that’s a challenge! If you struggle to be kind to yourself, here are a few ways you can start. 


10 Ways to Find Your Passion

Here are 10 hints for finding daily direction, and living your most meaningful life.


How to See Life As One Big Zen Garden

Zen gardens are filled with rocks, sand and trees. So how do they relate to our personal journeys? You might be surprised at the modern symbolism in this ancient tradition.


Positive Inspiration from Pema Chodron

Why bravery and strength are necessary for kindness. Read Her Powerful Quote On Compassion and Courage. 


Tips to Make the Most of Your Weekend

The average weekends amounts to about 60 hours. While it’s easy to squander it all away (binge watching anyone?), here are a few key tricks to help you get the most out of your time off.


Going Solo: Activities To Try Alone

While humans are social animals, there’s something special about quality time spent alone. Here are five different activities to try all on your own.


Remember to Play: The Rules of Playtime

Playtime is the essence of childhood, but adults can benefit from play just as much as kids! But what is play? And how do we embrace it as adults? Here are a few key points to help you remember what playtime is all about.


Live Well
Is Meditation Right For Me?

6 practical reasons why anyone can benefit from meditation.


Why Meditation Is Unlike Anything Else

Meditation is unlike anything else we do. And that’s precisely why it works! Read the three ways that meditation it totally unique and yet so totally worthwhile as a regular practice. 


Meditation Quotes – The Journey Within

Meditation is a path within, leading followers to the innermost part of their being. As we embrace our own journey, here are three reflections on meditation as a full process of awakening, embracing, and developing the inner life – so that we may have a meaningful presence in the outer world.


7 Positive Brain Changes Brought By a Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Science is now substantiating the physical health benefits a regular meditation practice can bring. Meditation literally reshapes your brain for a more positive life experience. The average amount of meditation time required for these brain benefits is around 30 minutes per day; however, some studies suggest that as little as 10 minutes a day can make a positive difference.


Integrating Mindfulness Meditation

With some practice, you can integrate mindfulness meditation into your daily activities.


The Center of Peace

When you center yourself, you reflect back to, or place, yourself in a peaceful reference point; your center


Mindfulness Meditation and Pain Relief

Mindfulness meditation technique teaches you how to identify the pain as a distinct entity from you that you are then able to ignore.


Meditative Coloring

When you think of a coloring book, chances are you picture something for a child. But coloring books designed for adults are plentiful. In addition to the nostalgic feelings they may evoke, coloring books are great tools for meditation.


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Mindfulness for Anger

For all its unpleasantness, anger is a perfectly natural and human emotion. The next time you find yourself fuming, try the following mindfulness exercise so as to feel, accept, and learn from your anger without being overwhelmed by it.


Everyday Chances to Practice Mindfulness

Even the most boring and banal tasks are opportunities for thoughtful observation and mindful meditation. Here’s a list of everyday activities that you can use as exercises to be in the present.   


Mindful Speech: Is It True? Is It Necessary? Is It Kind?

When we talk about mindfulness, we tend to refer to a general awareness of our behaviors and thoughts. But what about other aspects of the self? What about speech?  


Mindfulness in the Shower

Mindfulness can be practiced just about anywhere, including the shower! Turn this most unremarkable task into a soothing ritual by making a few small adjustments to your bathing routine. 


Quick Tricks to Stop Rumination

Rumination is when we sit and replay negative thoughts in our heads over and over. Here are there mindful tricks to short circuit the spiral the next time you find yourself simmering in your thoughts. 


Tips For Writing Your Own Affirmation

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, a way to inspire a positive mindset so we can change ourselves for the better. Read on to learn the basics of writing your own affirmations. 


Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly ways to stay cool, we’ve scrounged up the following tips!


10 Morning Rituals

Do your mornings need a makeover? Start your day joyfully and intentionally by creating rituals that help you feel good! Here are healthy 10 morning rituals to help get you up and at ‘em! 


Live Well
5 Simple Paths to Spiritual Wellness

We spend vast amounts of time building our bodies and training our minds in the name of health and wellness. So why not invest the same energy into the spiritual part of our wellbeing? Here are a few simple yet powerful approaches to spiritual wellness


Five Signs That You are Searching for Enlightenment

Here are five of the signs that a person has started down that road to discover who or what they really are.


Mandala, Symbol of Wholeness

A gateway to the center of everything in our universe and in ourselves.


Five Signs That Your Soul is Searching for Enlightenment

Here are five of the signs that a person has started down the road to discover who or what they really are.


Why Chanting Feels So Satisfying

Chanting has a larger effect on your body than just the spiritual focus that it offers. It sets up a vibrational quality in your mind and body that quickly brings you to a state of calm and relaxation.


What Does Spirituality Mean to You?

The word “spirituality” is hard to define exactly, and for good reason. It is a highly individual way of experiencing life, and no one path or method will resonate with everyone the same way.


Keeping Your Crystals Clean to Enhance Their Performance

Periodically cleaning and recharging your crystals restores them to their natural strength. Here are some easy ways to maintain your crystals so they will be at their best when you need them.


The 3 Gemstones You May Want to Carry With You

For when you need that little boost, here are some of the most important stones and crystals that you should carry with you.