Live Well
What Tea Can Teach US

Treasured by various cultures all over the world, tea is a beverage of comfort, hospitality, even refinement. But such a versatile drink also contains some veritable wisdom. We’ve brewed up some of the more pertinent lessons it can offer.


Be Yourself: Lessons from the Sloth

We may not think of them as the fastest, the strongest, or the noblest animals. But then again, they don’t need to be. Sloths’ unique habits show that we can flourish simply as ourselves.


Making Time for Ourselves – Simple Advice on Meditation, Relaxation, and Happiness

Spring is almost here. The clocks are set forward. It’s the time of year where new things blossom, where new life develops – but spring can also be a great time for healing and recovery.


Wine Wisdom: Six Life Lessons from Wine

that sleek bottle in your wine rack holds more than just a melody of flavors. When we extend the ritual of drinking wine beyond the cork and bottle, we find that there are many life lessons to be found.

Celebrate Her: Five Pow•her•ful Thoughts on Women

In honor of women everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite thoughts to celebrate your unique determination and moxie.


Live Well
7 Thoughts on Compassion

Compassion is a simple way of moving through the world with respect for all beings. It is about practicing acceptance, concern and understanding for others, with the realization that whatever we do for someone else helps us grow as spiritual beings.


14 Great Facts About Smiling and Laughing

Read the facts to learn more about what it really means when you flash your pearly whites… 


6 Small Tricks To Make it Through a Rough Day

No one is exempt from having a stressful day. But no matter the source or shape of your woes, there are small effective actions you can take to give bolster your mood and brighten your perspective.


Reframing Who You Are As Part Of The Oneness

As part of the Oneness, I have the ability to behave in countless ways, but I am not defined by any of those actions. So I choose to select those behaviors that are for the Highest Good of all people and other beings.


The Businessman and the Fisherman: A Tale of Simplicity

In the daily scramble to move forward, we easily lose sight of what is right in front of us. We mistakenly assume that planning and success will bring us what we really want.


Live Well
How Sleep Can Impact Nearly Every Aspect of Life

Most people have heard the importance of getting a solid eight hours of rest at night. But they are often shocked to learn that it can impact nearly every aspect of their lives, including their memory, their rate of inflammation, and even their creativity.


How Sleep Helps the Body

Sleeping is essential to health and happiness, yet many of us don’t get the nightly rest we truly need. While everyone’s individual sleep needs vary, here are some universally sound reasons for getting ZZZs regularly.


Zen Poetry: 7 Cups of Tea

Long before Starbucks sold “Zen” tea, green teas were used for healing and meditative purposes, to restore balance and stillness in life. Today, each cup we drink unites us with greater Zen traditions that go far beyond modern conventions.


7 Days of Total Wellness

Wellness isn’t just one exercise, nutrition plan or good night’s sleep. Wellness is a philosophy brought to life every time you do something good for yourself or others. Read below to discover a week’s worth of wellness approaches to build your mind, body and spirit in health. Try one each day!


Tusk-to-Tail Wellness Pointers inspired by an Elephant

How To Live Long And Healthy - some helpful wellness advice from the largest mammals on earth