Live Well
How gratitude can improve the quality of our thoughts and our lives

Practicing gratitude can improve mental wellbeing as much as diet, exercise and good sleeping habits. Here are some examples of this principle in action


Reflections on Autumn: 5 Lessons from the Fall Season

Autumn is a study in contrasts, and the result is a rich, multi-sensory experience. Apply these five lessons from autumn in your own life.


Messages of Hope From Breast Cancer Survivors

While fame does not shelter anyone from breast cancer, it certainly brings attention and gives voice to an issue that many find difficult to put into words. Read on to find encouragement, wisdom, and hope from celebrities who’ve beaten breast cancer. 


Wit and Wisdom- Advice From Groucho Marx

October 2 marks the birthday of one of the zaniest performers of all time! To celebrate the birthday of Groucho Marx, here are ten zany pieces of advice summed up in his most famous one-liners. 


Be the Change you Wish to see in the World

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most extraordinary leaders of the 20th century. Although he became a highly educated and successful attorney, he left this comfortable life and cast his lot with the lowest rung of humanity. Gandhi spent his life trying to rise up the lowest, without destroying the highest.


Live Well
The Gift of Sharing a Meal

Whether sitting at the dining room table or sharing from a communal bowl, families all over the world have long enjoyed food together. The next time you’re stressing about cooking and company, take a moment to remember the joys of gathering and eating a shared meal. 


Cultivating Self-Compassion

The idea that we should have compassion for others is a fairly common one. But having compassion for ourselves? Now that’s a challenge! If you struggle to be kind to yourself, here are a few ways you can start. 


5 Simple Paths to Spiritual Wellness

We spend vast amounts of time building our bodies and training our minds in the name of health and wellness. So why not invest the same energy into the spiritual part of our wellbeing? Here are a few simple yet powerful approaches to spiritual wellness


10 Ways to Find Your Passion

Here are 10 hints for finding daily direction, and living your most meaningful life.


Is Meditation Right For Me?

6 practical reasons why anyone can benefit from meditation.


Live Well
Yoga Healing Quotes – 9 Ways Yoga Helps Mind, Body and Spirit

Here are several thoughts from yogis, teachers, and students on the power of yoga to shift the pathways of our entire being.


Ego, Self Doubt and Pride

You may have heard the saying when you enter a yoga class, you should leave your ego at the door. It may sound like a cliche, but there is a lot of truth to the idea behind it. There are numerous obstacles to progress in yoga that ego plays a role in maintaining. Let’s take a look at how the ego interacts with yoga.


Yoga and Perception

The senses play an important part of our yoga practice. Beyond the five senses that everyone knows, there are two more senses, lesser known, that play an important role in yoga. These are proprioception and interoception.


10 Ways To Improve Mental Health

Mental Health encompasses many different aspects of our lives, from our relationships to our sense of self-worth. Here are ten different ways to improve your emotional wellbeing and just plain ol’ feel better, no matter what your mental state looks like.


5 Ways to Enjoy The Outdoors At Night

Shorter days means longer nights, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy less of the outdoors. Check out the following ideas for exploring nature long after the sun goes down.