Live Well
Hope in Humanity

Behind the mask of ice that people wear, there beats a heart of fire.


Wanderlust: Quotes for The Traveler

Whether you’re a seasoned globe-trotter or you’re ready to make your first big excursion, here are a few thoughts to make sure your next jaunt is a truly a journey and not just a trip. 


10 Eco-Friendly Adjustments That Are Just Too Easy

Steps for going green don’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to redo your whole lifestyle. Here are ten small changes you can make to be more eco-friendly.


Life Lessons From Fashion Gurus

The tenets of good style can also serve as excellent rules for living a good life. Consider the following wisdoms from fashion’s top gurus. You may be surprised at universality of their messages!


Stand Tall: Lessons from Giraffes

The giraffe could teach us a thing or two about how to live. Here are a few lessons you can learn from some of the most unique looking mammals in the animal kingdom.


Live Well
Overcoming Fears of Failure

Failure is a chance to learn and grow. Some of history’s greatest minds and leaders were also people who failed. We’ve shared some of their insights with you.


Two is Better Than One: Surprising Animal Relationships

Inspired by some of the more unlikely pairs in the animal kingdom, we’ve shared five animal duos that demonstrate the two-way street of friendship.


Meditation Quotes – The Journey Within

Meditation is a path within, leading followers to the innermost part of their being. As we embrace our own journey, here are three reflections on meditation as a full process of awakening, embracing, and developing the inner life – so that we may have a meaningful presence in the outer world.


Are You a Renaissance Soul?

Do you have trouble picking just one career, one interest, or one hobby? You might be a Renaissance Soul.


Late Bloomers: It's Never Too Late

We are free to start new ventures, find new paths, reach new successes at any age. Here are 6 individuals who could tell you first hand that some of us don’t find new professions and callings until we are past our “prime.”


Live Well
5 Helpful Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Grounding techniques are coping mechanisms that help bring us back into the present moment when we feel anxious or overwhelmed by negative emotions. Here are a few common grounding techniques. 


Yoga and Ayurveda for Holistic Health

The mention of yoga brings to mind a set of physical exercises with a flavor of India.  However, yoga can be much more than a regular workout routine. Yoga may also involve mental and spiritual disciplines to encourage an overall sense of wellbeing.



5 Ways to Grow in Strength

Strength is not always visible- sometimes we need to push ourselves to find out what we are truly capable of becoming. Here are 5 ways to discover the strength that exists within…


Muscle Testing for a Healthier Life

Muscle testing, also called applied kinesthiology, is a technique that lets you tap into the internal wisdom of your body. By incorporating this technique into your daily decision-making, you'll constantly make healthy choices for your body and mind.


What to Put in Your Emergency “Feel Good” Kit

Before an emotional storm hits, think of some “supplies” that you might want to keep on hand. We’ve come up with a few suggestions!