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Thich Nhat Hanh On The Power of Breath

The beloved Zen master offers simple wisdom on how we can live peacefully and mindfully through breathing. 


15 Inspiring Quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here are some great quotes from a man who inspires us still to hold fast to conviction, determination, and hope – for the world and for ourselves.


Save Your Sanity: How to Cut Back On Social Media

With phones in our pockets or glued to our palms, it’s too easy to lose precious minutes to social media. Reclaim your time and clear your brain by cutting back. 


Spiritual Thoughts On Enemies

Most of us try to steer clear of our “enemies”. But as the following spiritual leaders explain, our foes can be as enlightening as any friend or mentor. 


How To Stay Hopeful During Difficult Times

Hope can see you through seemingly impossible situations. Here are seven ways you can maintain hope during tough times. 


Live Well
5 Trees of Life You Can Actually Visit

What would the Tree of Life look like in person? Check out these five famous trees whose beauty and lore serve as inspiration for a beloved symbol. 


Is Meaning More Important Than Happiness?

Many of us want happiness, but is it really the key to a good life? 


How Spirituality Boosts Wellness

Spirituality won’t magically change your cholesterol levels or make broccoli taste good. But a strong spiritual practice is actually very good for health and wellbeing. 


Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

This year, skip the traditional resolutions and opt for these thoughtful alternatives instead. 


Finding Serenity Amidst Family Chaos

For some, seeing family can cause stress and overwhelm. Here are a few tips for maintaining a little inner peace during busy family visits.


Live Well
Make A Healing Bath With Essential Oils

Baths are an easy way to give yourself a little TLC. Learn how to make yours extra therapeutic with healing essential oils. 


3 Ways To Use Himalayan Salt (Besides Eating It)

Himalayan salt is famous for its rosy pink color, but this natural supplement isn’t just pretty. It offers all types of healing benefits.  


The Tenets of Wellness: Encouragement For Your Journey

There are many ways to be good to ourselves. But it's our beliefs about wellness that determine whether we approach these practices from a place of joy or discouragement. 


Why Deep Breathing Is So Powerful, According to Science

Breathing is just so simple, and yet it works wonders. But how? Science now has an answer. 


Natural Remedies for Cold Season

While there is no actual “cure” for the common cold, there are definitely ways to make the sickness more bearable! For your next bout of sniffles, try these natural (and affordable) home remedies.