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Classic Books You Can Access Online

Today’s technology and digital archiving means some of the best stories are available online, and for free! The next rainy day, be sure to check out the following books that classic literature has to offer. 


Slow and Steady: 5 Accomplishments That Took Time

Our fast-paced culture can make us feel pressured to create new ideas and pull of amazing feats as quickly as possible. But not everything can be rushed! Check out these five great achievements that show how a slow pace pays off in the end. 


Sky Above Me, Earth Below Me, Fire Within Me

Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me. Delve into this powerful mantra and understand the meaning behind all of its poetic elements. 


Lessons From the Moon

The moon never ceases to fill humans with wonder. But more than being beautiful, this celestial orb has much to teach us on how we can live our best lives here on earth. 


3 Ways to Bring Calm During a Difficult Time

When facing any demanding situation, it is important to stay cool! Here are three ways to calmly deal with occasional life hiccups, beginning with keeping calm yourself.


Live Well
Tips For Writing Your Own Affirmation

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, a way to inspire a positive mindset so we can change ourselves for the better. Read on to learn the basics of writing your own affirmations. 


Tips to Make the Most of Your Weekend

The average weekends amounts to about 60 hours. While it’s easy to squander it all away (binge watching anyone?), here are a few key tricks to help you get the most out of your time off.


Going Solo: Activities To Try Alone

While humans are social animals, there’s something special about quality time spent alone. Here are five different activities to try all on your own.


Remember to Play: The Rules of Playtime

Playtime is the essence of childhood, but adults can benefit from play just as much as kids! But what is play? And how do we embrace it as adults? Here are a few key points to help you remember what playtime is all about.


3 Basic Ways to Be Happier

Happy people don’t think about happiness – they just live it! Here are three basic ways to let go, reach out to others, and simply experience life again.


Live Well
The Benefits of Palo Santo Healing Sticks

You may have heard of smudging with sage, but have you heard of Palo Santo? Once prized by the Incans and used for special ceremonies, this scented wood can be used for all sorts of spiritual purposes. Learn more about this fascinating plant! 


Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Most of us are used to sipping coffee to fight through our afternoon slump. But there are plenty of natural ways to help you be more alert during the day. Learn some regular healthy habits for boosting energy.


Use Your Bed Only For Sleep and Other Tips For Winding Down At Night

To help you wind down at night, we’ve compiled a few tried and true tips.


Ways to Add Positive Energy to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the first place you see in the morning and the last place you see before you go to bed. It ought to be a space that brings you comfort, joy, and relaxation! Making a few easy adjustments to the bedroom can help you feel your best.


Add, Don’t Subtract: 6 Tips for a More Balanced Diet

So often we’re told that in order to be healthy, we have to cut bad foods. But we might be better off by simply adding healthy ones. Here are 6 small ways to add nutritional foods to your regular diet.