Live Well
Messages of Hope From Breast Cancer Survivors

While fame does not shelter anyone from breast cancer, it certainly brings attention and gives voice to an issue that many find difficult to put into words. Read on to find encouragement, wisdom, and hope from celebrities who’ve beaten breast cancer. 


Wit and Wisdom- Advice From Groucho Marx

October 2 marks the birthday of one of the zaniest performers of all time! To celebrate the birthday of Groucho Marx, here are ten zany pieces of advice summed up in his most famous one-liners. 


Be the Change you Wish to see in the World

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most extraordinary leaders of the 20th century. Although he became a highly educated and successful attorney, he left this comfortable life and cast his lot with the lowest rung of humanity. Gandhi spent his life trying to rise up the lowest, without destroying the highest.


Morning Pages: A Simple Ritual To Boost Creativity

Morning Pages have been credited with changing lives and causing major breakthroughs. Learn how this easy writing exercise can help unlock creativity, get ideas flowing, and make you more productive throughout the day. 


Classic Books You Can Access Online

Today’s technology and digital archiving means some of the best stories are available online, and for free! The next rainy day, be sure to check out the following books that classic literature has to offer. 


Live Well
Positive Inspiration from Pema Chodron

Why bravery and strength are necessary for kindness. Read Her Powerful Quote On Compassion and Courage. 


Mindful Speech: Is It True? Is It Necessary? Is It Kind?

When we talk about mindfulness, we tend to refer to a general awareness of our behaviors and thoughts. But what about other aspects of the self? What about speech?  


Mindfulness in the Shower

Mindfulness can be practiced just about anywhere, including the shower! Turn this most unremarkable task into a soothing ritual by making a few small adjustments to your bathing routine. 


Why Meditation Is Unlike Anything Else

Meditation is unlike anything else we do. And that’s precisely why it works! Read the three ways that meditation it totally unique and yet so totally worthwhile as a regular practice. 


Quick Tricks to Stop Rumination

Rumination is when we sit and replay negative thoughts in our heads over and over. Here are there mindful tricks to short circuit the spiral the next time you find yourself simmering in your thoughts. 


Live Well
10 Ways To Improve Mental Health

Mental Health encompasses many different aspects of our lives, from our relationships to our sense of self-worth. Here are ten different ways to improve your emotional wellbeing and just plain ol’ feel better, no matter what your mental state looks like.


5 Ways to Enjoy The Outdoors At Night

Shorter days means longer nights, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy less of the outdoors. Check out the following ideas for exploring nature long after the sun goes down.  


The Benefits of Palo Santo Healing Sticks

You may have heard of smudging with sage, but have you heard of Palo Santo? Once prized by the Incans and used for special ceremonies, this scented wood can be used for all sorts of spiritual purposes. Learn more about this fascinating plant! 


Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Most of us are used to sipping coffee to fight through our afternoon slump. But there are plenty of natural ways to help you be more alert during the day. Learn some regular healthy habits for boosting energy.


Use Your Bed Only For Sleep and Other Tips For Winding Down At Night

To help you wind down at night, we’ve compiled a few tried and true tips.