Live Well
Stand Tall: Lessons from Giraffes

The giraffe could teach us a thing or two about how to live. Here are a few lessons you can learn from some of the most unique looking mammals in the animal kingdom.


Celebrate Earth Day 2017

Love, peace & gratitude – 3 simple ways to make the most of nature's special day.


Hurray for Spring!

We’ve offered a few thoughts on what spring can teach us and how you can take advantage of this treasured time of year!


Mantras for a Successful Week

We’ve scrounged up a few mantras specially chosen to help you face the feelings that might arise on a particular day of the week. Take a moment for yourself each day and let the words sink in.


What Tea Can Teach US

Treasured by various cultures all over the world, tea is a beverage of comfort, hospitality, even refinement. But such a versatile drink also contains some veritable wisdom. We’ve brewed up some of the more pertinent lessons it can offer.


Live Well
When Weakness Makes Us Strong

We’re quick to label our weaknesses… but what if these qualities were actually our biggest strengths? Take a look at common misperceptions that even the strongest of us fall for:


The Brief Beauty of the Cherry Blossom

While hanami is very much a Japanese tradition, it is by no means exclusive to the country!  Cherry trees are all over the world. If you live in an area where there happen to be cherry trees at the local park or a public garden, you might feel compelled to partake in hanami yourself!


6 Ways to Live Happier

Happiness begins with our thoughts. Here are six cognitive-based methods you can use to develop a happier outlook on everyday living:


Mindfulness Advice – Simple Ways to Stay Present

How to breathe, relax, and focus your energy on the exact moment at hand. The Second step is so practical to implement!

Play, Laugh, Live: Messages from Childhood

To help you break through a culture of buzzing devices and constant noise, we’ve highlighted some basic tenets that your inner child might implore you to remember. 


Live Well
5 Ways to Grow in Strength

Strength is not always visible- sometimes we need to push ourselves to find out what we are truly capable of becoming. Here are 5 ways to discover the strength that exists within…


Muscle Testing for a Healthier Life

Muscle testing, also called applied kinesthiology, is a technique that lets you tap into the internal wisdom of your body. By incorporating this technique into your daily decision-making, you'll constantly make healthy choices for your body and mind.


What to Put in Your Emergency “Feel Good” Kit

Before an emotional storm hits, think of some “supplies” that you might want to keep on hand. We’ve come up with a few suggestions!


How Sleep Can Impact Nearly Every Aspect of Life

Most people have heard the importance of getting a solid eight hours of rest at night. But they are often shocked to learn that it can impact nearly every aspect of their lives, including their memory, their rate of inflammation, and even their creativity.


How Sleep Helps the Body

Sleeping is essential to health and happiness, yet many of us don’t get the nightly rest we truly need. While everyone’s individual sleep needs vary, here are some universally sound reasons for getting ZZZs regularly.