Live Well
Inspiring Quotes From Cheryl Strayed

Strayed’s writing touches on the grace and grit needed to survive life’s toughest obstacles. No stranger to suffering herself, her work speaks from a place of experience and truth. Read on to discover some of the best and most beloved advice she had for readers.


Lessons From the Ocean

No matter where we are in life, many of us like to retreat to the ocean for peace, direction, and guidance. The ocean has so much to teach us. Read on to learn what lessons we can glean from this stupendous body of water.


Think Globally, Explore Locally

We often take for granted the treasures right in our own towns. Before expanding your world, trying expanding your neighborhood. Here are a few easy ways to explore what’s right outside your door.


Lessons From Gardening

Whether you have a big sprawling plot or a small planter just outside your window, your patch of soil and seeds can teach you so much. We’ve harvested a few of gardening’s most valuable lessons.


Hope in Humanity

Behind the mask of ice that people wear, there beats a heart of fire.


Live Well
3 Basic Ways to Be Happier

Happy people don’t think about happiness – they just live it! Here are three basic ways to let go, reach out to others, and simply experience life again.


Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly ways to stay cool, we’ve scrounged up the following tips!


Stages of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is easier said that done, most often because we don’t how to forgive. Psychologist Dr. Robert Enright was one of the first to develop a model for offering forgiveness. Outlined in four phases, his model offers a process for forgiving and the hope that we can all heal when we are deeply hurt.


The Perks of Waiting

Here are few ways that waiting changes us for the better.


Learning to Let Go

The first step in giving up the negative and replacing it with the positive is simply making the choice to do so. The beginning can be difficult, but there are things you can do to make the transition easier.


Live Well
Ways to Add Positive Energy to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the first place you see in the morning and the last place you see before you go to bed. It ought to be a space that brings you comfort, joy, and relaxation! Making a few easy adjustments to the bedroom can help you feel your best.


Add, Don’t Subtract: 6 Tips for a More Balanced Diet

So often we’re told that in order to be healthy, we have to cut bad foods. But we might be better off by simply adding healthy ones. Here are 6 small ways to add nutritional foods to your regular diet.



5 Reasons to Spend Time Outside

When it comes to springtime wellness advice, you could do worse than to check in with the resident health experts at Harvard University. Here are some reasons why getting outdoors this spring season can be great for physical and mental health, according to the writers of the Harvard Health Letter:

5 Easy Houseplants

Are you lacking a green thumb? Never fear! We’ve highlighted five easy-to-care-for plants that will tempt you to check out your local nursery.


5 Natural Skin Products You Can Find In Your Kitchen

While the quest for healthy skin sends many of us scouring the drugstore aisles, you might benefit from just checking the fridge!