Going Solo: Activities To Try Alone

Humans by nature are social animals. We need regular contact to thrive and there’s no denying the joy that comes from being surrounded by...

6 Life Lessons From Birds

Since the earliest times of man, birds have inspired our deepest imaginations. Fearless and free in the sky, birds make us wonder, what would...

Trust, a Key Ingredient for a Happy Recipe

It is often said that happiness is simple – humanity only makes it complicated in our search for it. And while living a happy...


Lessons From The Night

No matter where you live, each of us has to contend with the night. All the electricity in the world won’t change the fact...

Inspirations From Dandelions

We can't think of a few plants as famous as the dandelion. Who as a child didn’t blow on its soft puffball and watch...


How To Use Reframing to Get Through Life’s Little Challenges

You use reframing often but are likely not aware that you are doing it. When you miss the bus, your could curse and shake your fist...


Be Like a Pineapple

In addition to a healthy dose of vitamin C, pineapples have some fruitful lessons to offer! Check out some wisdoms from our favorite tropical treat.

Peeking Your Head Outside Your Comfort Zone

Humans love being comfortable. We glom to routine and opt for what we know.  And who can blame us? There is value in predictability....

How To Come Out Of Your Shell (An Inspirational Video For When You’re Feeling Shy)

Sometimes when you’re feeling shy, it can feel very much like being in a shell. You don’t want to stay in it forever, but...

8 Quotes to Help Unlock Your Potential

If we are trying to unlock something within ourselves(happiness, love, sense of purpose) we must remember that we are our own keyholders! Here are...


Encourage the Good in Others

Your expectations can be self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, if you expect people to dislike you, you may send out subconscious signals of hostility. Those...

The Brief Beauty of the Cherry Blossom

Every year in Japan, hundreds upon hundreds of native cherry trees blossom, flowering and showering parks with thousands of delicate white petals. With treetops...

3 Basic Ways to Be Happier

Happy people don’t think about happiness – they just live it! Here are three basic ways to let go, reach out to others, and...

Doors and New Beginnings

The way out is through the door… why is it no one will use this method? – Confucius Recently we shared an image of an open...
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How the Lotus Flower Symbolizes Compassion, Courage, Mindfulness, Peace, & Wisdom

Through mud it rises. Through water it emerges. Through sunlight it blossoms.The lotus flower is an ancient, mysterious, and potent spiritual symbol beloved by...



Amazing Benefits of Having a Good Posture

One of the most eyeball inducing demands of a parent is “Sit up straight.” As kids, we simply don’t want to sit that way....

10 Ways To Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

If you don’t have time to relax, these ten-minute-or-less tips can help you move a bit closer towards mental and physical relaxation.

10 Ways to Turn Around Bad Days

When stressed, it becomes essential to renew your inner optimism. Here are 10 ways to de-stress naturally and turn your day around!

How Music Therapy can Naturally Relieve Anxiety and Treat Depression

Music Therapy means healing with the use of music to cater to the physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and social needs of a person. v
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