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10 Thoughts on Zen

Zen can be a philosophy, a spiritual tradition, or simply a “way.” Here are ten diverse thoughts (from teachers, writers and Zen masters) on what it means to walk the Zen path.


Zen Story About Self

A short story from ancient lore to help us discover “true self.”


How The Process of Making Art Can Transform You

When you create, you set your spirit free. The process of doing it is what counts more than the finished piece, and it belongs to you. The joy is all yours.


10 Succinct Inspirations on Peace

Here are ten short but significant meditations on peace – gathered from teachers whose own lives helped illuminate this potent philosophy.


10 Reasons to Always Say Thank You

“Thank you” – two simple words with the power to change our entire outlook on life. Here are 10 great reasons why this phrase of gratitude belongs in the forefront of our daily interactions in every season.


Live Well
Get it Done: Making Goals Less Scary

No matter the size or the tasks involved, our goals can overwhelm us, creating looming mountains that feel insurmountable.  Want to succeed in fulfilling your goals? Here are few a key points to remember.


7 Positive Brain Changes Brought By a Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Science is now substantiating the physical health benefits a regular meditation practice can bring. Meditation literally reshapes your brain for a more positive life experience. The average amount of meditation time required for these brain benefits is around 30 minutes per day; however, some studies suggest that as little as 10 minutes a day can make a positive difference.


Five Signs That You are Searching for Enlightenment

Here are five of the signs that a person has started down that road to discover who or what they really are.


Achieving Balance: When to Just Be and When to Make Change

The key to contentment is finding the balance between embracing what we have and knowing when to create change for ourselves. 


Mandala, Symbol of Wholeness

A gateway to the center of everything in our universe and in ourselves.


Live Well
Tusk-to-Tail Wellness Pointers inspired by an Elephant

How To Live Long And Healthy - some helpful wellness advice from the largest mammals on earth


6 Beautiful Quotes On Creativity, Life and Purpose

Art can be a great pathway for the creative part of the mind. Expression helps the self emerge fully, drawing outwards what is beautiful inside of us. And even if we don’t necessarily draw or paint, the following thoughts about art and life can inspire us to live in a way that flows freely with color and passion.


Fueling the Mind

Fueling the mind means providing adequate nutrients as well as abundant amounts of stimulation. Providing the brain with the things it requires will help it function at its best, allowing you to think more clearly, focus on the task at hand and solve problems as they arise.


The Same Yoga Pose on Different Days

Yoga affects our body, mind, breath and spirit and each of these affects how we practice yoga. Studying asanas thoroughly brings unity to yoga. 


Are You Present During Yoga?

Consciously or not, we each have many tricks for not staying present in the moment. Even at times when we try to be present, such as during yoga class, the mind creates or looks for distractions.