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The Beauty Of Difference: Thoughts On Diversity

Five different quotes on how diversity makes our communities better. 


Nurturing Human Connections

When millions connect online to share ideas and inspiration, it can be difficult to recognize the impact of our individual actions on the people in our lives. Yet these actions, no matter how small we view them, are what make us human.


Celebrate Her: Five Pow•her•ful Thoughts on Women

In honor of women everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite thoughts to celebrate your unique determination and moxie.


Gentle Wisdom: Lessons From Fred Rogers

More than a face on television, Mr. Rogers’ reflections on kindness and self-love are as relevant as ever. 


Tackle Your Anxiety With Three Little Words

How do you transform dread into something productive? Turns out, it’s easier than we think. 


Live Well
The Brief Beauty of the Cherry Blossom

While hanami is very much a Japanese tradition, it is by no means exclusive to the country!  Cherry trees are all over the world. If you live in an area where there happen to be cherry trees at the local park or a public garden, you might feel compelled to partake in hanami yourself!


A Village of 100 People

One mind-opening way to re-think our connections with each other.


Start A Once-A-Month Social Club

See friends, try new things, have fun. Does it get any better? 


What Makes A Meaningful Apology?

Turns out, an effective apology requires a couple of different elements. 


A Simple Tea Meditation

This calming ritual requires only tea leaves and water! 


Live Well
Spring Cleaning your Indoor Air

Indoor plants make beautiful accessories to your décor. They’re colorful and easy to care for. But did you know that indoor plants are also natural air cleaners?


5 Essential Oils For Relaxation

When you need to unwind and destress, these essentials are essential! 


5 Ridiculously Easy Things To Do For Yourself Today

These quick and healthy to-do items are so simple that you have no excuse! 


10 Ways To Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

If you don’t have a full afternoon (or even a full hour) to find some peaceful alone time, these ten-minute-or-less tips can help you move a bit closer towards mental and physical relaxation. Why not read through our list, and try one now?


How To Use A Gemstone Roller

Gemstones aren’t just for meditation. Learn how you can use a gemstone roller to give yourself smooth, glowing skin!