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10 Eco-Friendly Adjustments That Are Just Too Easy

Steps for going green don’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to redo your whole lifestyle. Here are ten small changes you can make to be more eco-friendly.


3 Roads to Bliss

What is bliss? And how exactly do we follow it? Here are three powerful quotes on what it means to align yourself with your true nature. 


Inspiring Personality – Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell's personal philosophy is frequently reduced to three words. "Follow your bliss."


What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

Our dreams are the gateway to our subconscious. Learn about the most common dreams and what they mean.  


10 Inspirational Quotes By Maya Angelou

In memory of inspirational poet and memoirist Maya Angelou, here are ten of her best known, heart-lifting quotes about self-belief, perseverance, and creativity in daily life.


Live Well
The 7 Essential Habits Of Happy People

Here are a few things happy people do differently.


Why Spaces Feel Uncomfortable and How to Clear the Energy From Them

If you've ever entered an empty room and immediately felt uncomfortable, you've experienced the effect of leftover energy. Here is how energy affects the spaces in which people meet, work and sleep and what you can do to clear the room to be more comfortable.


How The Energy Of Your Intentions Affects The World Around You

When positive thoughts spontaneously come from you instead of the negative ones, you're on your way to becoming an even more powerful creator.


Spring Reflections – 5 Ways Spring Clears the Mind and Refreshes the Spirit

Keep number 5 in mind – and try to read this article outdoors. 



10 Life Lessons From A Flower

Here are ten inspiring thoughts from the mind of a daffodil, tulip, rose, or whichever bud you prefer! Number 9 – don’t mind the bees is particularly insightful.


Live Well
6 Ways to Be Healthy Like a Tree

Trees remind us of our roots in more ways than one. Not only are they some of the longest-living things on the planet, but they are also towering symbols of outer health and inner wellbeing.

3 Simple Ways To Start Working With Energy

Want to use energy for healing? You don’t need to be an expert to start! 


How To Attract Positive Energy (Even On A Bad Day)

Here are a few ways to generate positive energy when you’re feeling blocked or discouraged.


Spring Cleaning your Indoor Air

Indoor plants make beautiful accessories to your décor. They’re colorful and easy to care for. But did you know that indoor plants are also natural air cleaners?


5 Essential Oils For Relaxation

When you need to unwind and destress, these essentials are essential!