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Getting to the Deepest Levels of Forgiveness

To completely clear the harmful energy and replace it with a new, creative force, you must dive into deeper levels of forgiveness.


4 Practices to Develop the Heart

Small changes in our actions and perceptions can greatly enhance our spiritual growth. Here are 4 ways to deepen and develop your love for yourself, for others and for the world.


Positive Psychology: the 5 Key Elements of a Happy Life

Positive psychology says there are five key elements necessary to a happy, satisfied life. The five elements of happiness are interconnected, and each tends to spill over into the others. When you improve one area, it automatically affects the others till eventually happiness spills over and nourishes your whole life.


Meditation and Self-Awakening

Early in the morning, a solitary figure rises from bed, splashes her face with water and walks to a small room. There are fresh flowers, wide windows, and a single round cushion. Sitting on the cushion, the woman folds her legs and closes her eyes. Twenty minutes later, she emerges from the room to shower and prepare for work.


Five Easy Steps to Mindfulness?

When mindfulness is associated with the teachings of meditation gurus and distinguished yogis, it can seem a daunting practice to understand.

The fact is, however, that mindfulness is an exceedingly simple exercise undertaken each day by millions of people, consciously and unconsciously. Simply put- it is the practice of active awareness and recognition of the pure present moment, and nothing else.


Inner Peace: A tool of Happiness

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace — Dalai Lama



Live Well
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes on Nature

Consider these quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson as you work to reconnect your daily life with nature.


Wisdom from Wayne Dyer 1940 - 2015

The message of Wayne Dyer could be distilled down to one word: Love. Wayne Dyer radiated love through his teachings and day-to-day life, inspiring us to do the same.


Luminaries from A-Z

We use the word “luminary” (from Latin “lumen-“ meaning “light”) to refer to men and women who have brightened our world in some special way. Here’s a list of people, from A-Z, who have inspired us through art, literature, philosophy, spirituality, travel and more, encouraging us to become luminous ourselves.


Morning Quotes and Thoughts

There is something special about the way our minds work in the morning. In the morning ideas seem bountiful, plans seem possible and peace seems attainable. And over time we learn that these early hours offer a great chance to reflect, plan and focus for the day ahead.


5 Thoughts on Joy from Spiritual Teachers

“Am I really happy?” If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, then congratulations… you’re human! It is our nature to feel uncertain and analyze our thoughts, which can make us feel decidedly un-happy if we ruminate too long.


The Joy of Being a Mentor

A mentor gives hope and is a good role model and the legacy they leave will last an eternity.


Live Well
Does Music Help You Practice Yoga?

Many yogis prefer to have music playing in the background. At the same time,  some yoga teachers are adamantly opposed to the use of music during yoga. What are the reasons for each approach?


How Yoga Helps the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Many people begin a yoga practice to improve their physical health only to find, after time, that their lives have been enriched in many other ways.


Spiritual Side of Yoga

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from ‘yuj’, a Sanskrit verb that means ‘to unite’ (in fact, yoga shares an Indo-European root with the English verb ‘to yoke’). While the practice of yoga today is widely concerned with attaining physical fitness, its original purpose was far higher.


The East and West of Yoga

Through yoga, we come to understand and accept our own imbalances and internal contradictions. We merge the body and mind, develop both strength and flexibility, and, though we live in the Western world, we are able to achieve this because of our connection to the East.


A Guide to Yoga Props

Selecting the right yoga props will do much to help you practice at home safely and effectively. Here is an overview of the most useful yoga props.


Change Your Life with 10 Minutes of Daily Qigong

These two foundational qigong exercises can give you increased energy and well being throughout your day. They are well worth the 10 minutes they take to complete; why not try them for a few days and see what happens?