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Spring Reflections – 5 Ways Spring Clears the Mind and Refreshes the Spirit

Keep number 5 in mind – and try to read this article outdoors. 


10 Really, Really Simple Things To Smile About

SERIOUSLY easy reasons to feel happy right now. 


Does Kindness Really Matter? We Found 5 Inspiring Quotes That Say Yes. Absolutely Yes.

Who inspires you – Oscar Wilde or the Dalai Lama?


Meditation Advice for Beginners In 10 Basic Steps

Meditation can be a healing, restorative process for many; and though meditation can take years to perfect, anyone can begin with these simple, calming steps towards health of mind, body and spirit.


Mindfulness Advice – Simple Ways to Stay Present

How to breathe, relax, and focus your energy on the exact moment at hand. The Second step is so practical to implement!

Living Positive – 3 Reasons to Say Yes to Yourself

Healthy ways to develop a “yes” mentality in everyday life.


Live Well
Time After Time – Quotes On Making Each Day Meaningful

These 6 quotes will change how you view life’s moments, minutes, and hours.


Breathe, Be Still, And Bend With The Wind – Zen Wisdom, Inspired By Nature

Zen advice – 5 life lessons learned from forests, plants and trees.


To Feel Inspired, Simply Look At The Night Sky

How stars and solar systems can awaken the dreamer within us.


Do What Matters. Forget the Rest.

7 bits of advice on sparking passion and purpose.


Why Dreams Are So, So Important In Life – 5 Great Quotes To Inspire

Dream of the doors you want, and then walk through them.


5 Reasons Why Butterflies Are Really Zen Masters in Disguise

Zen wisdom, on wings. Reason #2 is just about perfect.


Live Well
5 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of The Weekend

Meditate. Play. Read. Relax. Enjoy. Short inspirations for the weekend!


Yoga Origins – Yoga Vocabulary from A-Z

You alpha-better remember these yoga terms and Sanskrit words.


8 Benefits Of Eating More Plants

Going “green” with a plant-based nutritional plan can be great for personal wellness in more ways than one.


I’m Not Flexible Enough to Do Yoga

Through yoga we can gain more flexibility and yet lack of flexibility is still one of the most commonly used excuses to avoid beginning the practice of yoga.


Is Yoga Meditation?

Practiced with mindfulness, yoga becomes a sort of moving meditation.


Healing Quotes – Inspiration for Reviving Mind, Body, and Spirit

Positive steps towards a balanced, healthy existence.


Live Well
10 Life Lessons From A Flower

Here are ten inspiring thoughts from the mind of a daffodil, tulip, rose, or whichever bud you prefer! Number 9 – don’t mind the bees is particularly insightful.


5 Reasons to Spend Time Outside

When it comes to springtime wellness advice, you could do worse than to check in with the resident health experts at Harvard University. Here are some reasons why getting outdoors this spring season can be great for physical and mental health, according to the writers of the Harvard Health Letter:

Mandala, Symbol of Wholeness

A gateway to the center of everything in our universe and in ourselves.


Write Yourself a Love Letter in 10 Steps

Tips on a classic exercise in self-affirmation and inner support.


The COEXIST Symbol

The meaning and origin behind this intricate symbol of human unity.


Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

The lotus symbolizes qualities of enlightenment, purity, wisdom, and more. Here’s a peek within the fabled petals of this iconic flower and cultural symbol.