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The 3 Gemstones You May Want to Carry With You

For when you need that little boost, here are some of the most important stones and crystals that you should carry with you.


The Center of Peace

When you center yourself, you reflect back to, or place, yourself in a peaceful reference point; your center


Why Spaces Feel Uncomfortable and How to Clear the Energy From Them

If you've ever entered an empty room and immediately felt uncomfortable, you've experienced the effect of leftover energy. Here is how energy affects the spaces in which people meet, work and sleep and what you can do to clear the room to be more comfortable.


Changing a Belief When You Lack the Experience

If you have difficulty holding onto positive beliefs that are life transforming, here are some ways to quiet those nay-saying voices and get them rooting for you.


The Power of Humility

There is only one factor that keeps the ups and downs of life from tipping our scales either toward egotistical indulgence, or damaging self-abasement and that one quality is humility.


Practical Mindful Living: Going Green, Paper Use at Home

"Going Green” can mean different things to different people as well as different things in different settings. The one thing that “Going Green” always means is reducing the impact one has on the Earth’s resources.


Live Well
7 Essential Reasons to Show Compassion Everyday

Zen Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has a short but great saying about showing kindness in everyday life: “compassion is a verb.”


Taking Time To Nurture Yourself

Let these quotes inspire you to become attuned to your own needs and to take better care of yourself.


Success after Failure

Failure can be just another step in the path to achievement, if it is approached and accepted in the right way. 


Quotes on the importance of believing in yourself

How we see life and what we believe about ourselves appears to be a greater determining factor than either our environment or our upbringing.


You are Beautiful

To use the words of Christina Aguilera “You’re beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down.” Remember that no matter what that you are beautiful!


 6 Life Lessons From Birds

A little birdie told us about these great life tips…


Live Well
Women of Yoga: Indra Devi

It becomes necessary to learn how to clear the mind of all clouds, to free it of all useless ballast and debris by dismissing the burden of too much concern with material things.


The Five Senses in Yoga

Instead of searching for information from the outside world, in yoga, we strive to turn our senses inward, even when we are doing active, vigorous poses.


Eating for Energy: 3 Pick-Me-Up Foods

To combat the afternoon slump, try some of these super foods that will give you an energy boost without the crash.


Live Long and Healthy Like an Elephant

While they can’t quite speak to us, elephants do communicate a lot about what makes a well-rounded lifestyle



Discovering Your Back Through Yoga

Through yoga, we have the means to explore and awaken our backs, sensing and viewing them from the inside.


Should I Use Yoga Props?

Do you use props when you practice yoga? If so, do you think about why you are using them?