Live Well
Infographic: Develop the Heart

One action. One breath. One moment. These are the single steps by which we grow nearer to universal compassion in everything that we do and become. 


20 Simple Reasons to Be Thankful

Sometimes the simple things count the most – here are 20 down-to-earth reasons to think thankfully today


The Space Between the Notes

How do we achieve a quiet mind? Practices such as yoga and mindfulness are good preparation, but there are additional helpful concepts and exercises that can enhance the experience.


Mindfulness Meditation and Pain Relief

Mindfulness meditation technique teaches you how to identify the pain as a distinct entity from you that you are then able to ignore.


Why a Bad Day Gets Worse

Keep manifesting a great day by continuing to put out to the Universe high vibration positive statements.


The Gift of Ingratitude

Has adopting an attitude of eternal gratitude made us forget how to say "no thank you" when we should?


Live Well
10 Succinct Inspirations on Peace

Here are ten short but significant meditations on peace – gathered from teachers whose own lives helped illuminate this potent philosophy.


Thoughts About Success From Some of the Greatest Achievers of All Time

The best lessons often come from the great achievers who came before us.


Zen Sayings for Modern Life

Zen wisdom exists beyond mountaintops and temple retreats. Here are 6 sayings to gently shift the balance of your mind in everyday life.


Joy: Inspiring Quotes and Definitions

Here are some definitions of joy and a few inspirational quotes that show the uniqueness and beauty of what it means to attain and to feel joy. 


7 Health and Wellness Proverbs

No matter where we live, we all want to enjoy happiness and health in daily life. Check out this short list of proverbs about healing and wellness, collected from diverse cultures around the world:


Hope Through Adversity - Quotes by John Steinbeck

Three of Steinbeck's quotes offer a great wealth of wisdom on living your best life, no matter which part of the journey you're on.


Live Well
A True Yoga Selfie

Regard yoga selfies and the like as a fun thing to do, but remember your best yoga selfie is the one you take from within each time you practice Yoga.


Three Yoga Poses for Quieting Your Mind

While yoga has many benefits for the body and physical health, calming and quieting the mind is one of the most important things yoga has to offer.


5 Key Tips for Brain Health

A happy, fulfilling life requires a healthy brain, and there are some important habits we can cultivate to keep it functioning optimally for a lifetime


Is Yoga Meditation?

Practiced with mindfulness, yoga becomes a sort of moving meditation.


The Origins of Namaste

You may overhear the word Namaste spoken in your yoga studio, around your city, or in some countries you visit around the world. But what exactly does it mean, and where does the word come from?


Does Music Help You Practice Yoga?

Many yogis prefer to have music playing in the background. At the same time,  some yoga teachers are adamantly opposed to the use of music during yoga. What are the reasons for each approach?