Live Well
Being Mindful in a Big City

Try these big-city meditation and mindfulness techniques including loving-kindness meditation, nature watching and mindful listening


Take Control of Your Emotions

The Watcher is in your higher consciousness where it can observe but not be affect by emotional or physical changes. When in that space, you can watch yourself experiencing an emotion but not be controlled by it.


Journaling as Meditation

When you journal as a meditation practice, mindfulness and meditation rather than the journal itself becomes the goal.


Meeting negativity with kindness

When we attempt o diffuse negativity, not only is its impact reduced, we may also initiate change in the person who is creating it in the first place.


Open Your Mind to Automatic Meditative Writing

Try this technique. You may discover that you're getting some interesting messages that your subconscious has been filtering out.


Life Doesn't Always Care if You're Preparing for the Future

Life isn’t a competition. It isn’t a race. It isn’t a planned event with a set agenda. It’s an adventure.



Live Well
Wisdom from the Moon

It may change its look as proximity to the earth and sun changes, but we can count on it being there, keeping silent vigil. Here are five things we can learn from the moon


Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination

Happiness isn’t an end goal—it’s a state of being.


Never Give Up – 5 Quotes on Tenacity to Push you Further

While many qualities are common to successful people, tenacity remains one of the essential ingredients to success.


Lessons From a Tree

Trees bring a stately elegance wherever they grow, and we're lucky to share the planet with them. Remember these six lessons from the tree and start living a more enriched, grounded and uplifting life.


Quotes On Happiness - The Elusive Destination

 When we define ourselves as "happy", what we're really saying is that our life and the people in it make us feel positive emotions more often than negative ones.


Motherhood: The Challenge and the Rewards

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. So remember to pause, reflect and cherish small moments. 


Live Well
A Guide to Yoga Props

Selecting the right yoga props will do much to help you practice at home safely and effectively. Here is an overview of the most useful yoga props.


Change Your Life with 10 Minutes of Daily Qigong

These two foundational qigong exercises can give you increased energy and well being throughout your day. They are well worth the 10 minutes they take to complete; why not try them for a few days and see what happens?


Change Your Beliefs for a Better Life Experience

How important are your beliefs to your health and well being? Cell biologist Bruce Lipton thinks they are foundational.


Using Mindfulness to Lose Weight

By being mindful of why you are eating, you can begin to align yourself with the wisdom of your body, which knows how much energy you need to take in via food.


Stay Calm and Get Better

If you or someone you love is struggling to cope with a health problem, try these tips to stay calm and grounded.


When Yes or No Just Won't Do - Muscles Testing With Ranges

Here are some interesting approaches of muscle testing to get you started making better choices.