Live Well
Inspiring Thought About Time And Achievement

Why what we’re doing today definitely, definitely matters in the end.


The 7 Essential Habits Of Happy People

Here are a few things happy people do differently.


Some Insightful Thoughts About Happiness

Some great advice from some brilliant thinkers on the power of joy to transform our perceptions.


Inspiring Thoughts On The True Meaning Of Success

Beware the barrenness of a busy life; Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value, and other thoughts to explore success.


How To Find Satisfaction In Everyday Life

The answer isn’t complicated; it’s the formula we use to get it!


7 Larger-Than-Life Lessons From A Tiger

Some fearless advice on how to live life boldly


Live Well
10 Quotes to Re-Inspire Confidence

How to remember to believe in yourself.


4 Inspiring Thoughts On Attitude

It’s a simple saying – attitude determines latitude – but it’s oh, so true.


Six Powerful Quotes About Trust and Belief

Trust can be the easiest or the hardest thing in the world – it all comes down to how deeply we believe in our own power and the power of others to transform the universe for the better.


One Important Quote About Strength, from Eleanor Roosevelt

The influential first lady on growing through challenge.


4 Perfect Sayings About Perfectionism

How to let go more and enjoy things as they are.


10 Inspiring Quotes About Courage

How to think brave and be brave – 10 great reminders to believe in yourself.



Live Well
Yoga is more than flexible body positions

Focusing on our needs from within, observing and adjusting our efforts in all aspects of yoga, will bring better results.


Which Pose Are You Neglecting?

Think about the poses that make up your home yoga sequence and, also, what poses are not in the sequence. Is there a particular yoga pose that you are avoiding when you practice?


The Power and Softness of Breath

Understanding and working with the breath can open new doors in yoga, whether you are practicing in class or at home.


Yoga for the Core

Core strength is a common term that is a batted about in the health and fitness community. Is yoga a good way to work on the core? As it turns out, there are two unique things that yoga can bring to a focus on the core.


Receiving the Actions of Yoga

With everything you put into doing yoga, make sure that you are also staying receptive to the things that yoga will do for you.


Yoga When You Have an Injury

An injury is an opportunity to learn more about your body and your yoga practice. Of course, that’s easier said than done. 


Live Well
What Are You Going To Do Today? (Inspirational Video About Making Each Day Count)

This awesome video uses jellybeans to illustrate how we spend our days.



Tusk-to-Tail Wellness Pointers inspired by an Elephant

How To Live Long And Healthy - some helpful wellness advice from the largest mammals on earth


3 Life Lessons From A Sea Turtle

Go slowly, swim with the flow, and know when it’s time to come out of your shell.


Finding Calm on the Digital Sea – My Experience Surfing

We’ve tested the waters. Come on in… the waves are warm.


7 Life Lessons From the Ocean

Wisdom in the waves – be free, be bold, and be beautiful.


7 Reasons Rain Is Beautiful

Having a rainy day? Discover how precipitation can lead to inspiration.