Live Well
Finding the Positive in Every Situation

Using each situation as a teaching tool gives a positive resource of life lessons we can pass on to others. It is our chance to grow and be there for others who may be experiencing many of the same things we are.


Savor the Season: Autumn

We all know what it means to “stop and smell the roses,” but this time of year we could just as easily say “stop and smell the falling leaves.”


The Mindful Approach to Hardship

Whether you are facing a minor setback or a serious problem, the approach towards it is the same. Taking a mindful look at the situation instead of relying on worry.


The Connection Challenge

It’s OK to put your phone away while you are meeting a friend for a drink. Are you up for the connection challenge?


Realizing Your Place

Realizing your place in the world has little to do with your financial status, race, sexual persuasion or political beliefs. It is a spiritual journey that involves learning about yourself and where you fit in the world.


Learning to Let Go

The first step in giving up the negative and replacing it with the positive is simply making the choice to do so. The beginning can be difficult, but there are things you can do to make the transition easier.


Live Well
Key Teachings From Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle's teachings remind us that "we have a mind, but we are not our minds," and there is great solace and fulfillment in this revelation.


The Beauty of Me

The story of Stephanie who found her strength, value and her place in this world.


Pushing Past Fear

How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. – Judy Blume


The Principles of Resilience

With resilience, you know you can adapt, heal, and be strong. Look for these principles within yourself and you will realize your own path to resilience.


The Quiet Wisdom of Horses

There are good reasons why many cultures revere horses and make them prominent in their philosophies. Reflect on the quiet wisdom of horses.


Determination: It's All In The Approach

With a strong sense of belief, focus your days around a larger plan.


Live Well
Using Yoga for What You Need

Yoga is vast field of study. With continued exploration and observation, we begin to learn how small adjustments in yoga practice can make a big difference in our lives.


The "Good" Fats for Your Diet

Not all fats are equal. You can eat healthy without eliminating fat from your diet. Don’t be mislead by all the advertisements for low-fat and fat-free foods. Your body needs dietary fat to function properly, especially your brain. But not just any fat.


Our Emotional Response to Yoga Poses

As particular yoga asanas can target different areas of the body, it may be no surprise that they can also impact us on an emotional level.


Catch Your Breath: Live Well

Consciously breathing deeply on a daily basis promotes a healthy heart, reduces the probability of cancer, and increases stamina. Those that meditate often incorporate deep breathing to enhance their spiritual experience.


Aging Youthfully with Vitamin C

Vitamin C restores resiliency to your skin and has other non-chemical skin care benefits.


Top 10 Superfoods for Optimal Health, Easy to Integrate in Your Diet

Here are 10 super foods that can benefit your balanced diet.


Live Well
Mosaics, Disparate Pieces Comprising Unity in Art

 Mosaics can be made from virtually anything, and provide a comforting, repetitive motion that results in something real, something solid that is beautiful.


Nonprofits That Assist Women With Breast Cancer

There are five lesser-known nonprofit organizations that also play dynamic roles in the lives of women who currently have or who are survivors of breast cancer. 



How The Process of Making Art Can Transform You

When you create, you set your spirit free. The process of doing it is what counts more than the finished piece, and it belongs to you. The joy is all yours.


What Are You Going To Do Today? (Inspirational Video About Making Each Day Count)

This awesome video uses jellybeans to illustrate how we spend our days.



Tusk-to-Tail Wellness Pointers inspired by an Elephant

How To Live Long And Healthy - some helpful wellness advice from the largest mammals on earth


3 Life Lessons From A Sea Turtle

Go slowly, swim with the flow, and know when it’s time to come out of your shell.