Live Well
The Bowl of Light

A beautiful Hawaiian story called "The Bowl of Light" reminds us that it's never too late to turn life around and live from light and love.


Pinterest for the Soul!

Here are a few ideas for using Pinterest to lift your spirit and stay inspired to achieve your goals.


Be Still

In this time when everything is so fast paced, sometimes we just need to be still.


The Modern Value of Ancient Traditions

The excitement of the winter holidays is a thing of the past, and spring is still weeks away. Many early cultures recognized mid-winter as a contemplative time of year. Perhaps that’s one reason the ancient Celts celebrated the holiday known as Imbolc, also spelled Imbolg.


Don't Forget That Life is Amazing

By remembering to be aware of the big picture, we can bring a refreshing perspective into our lives. It's easy to do. Amazing sights are all around us. All you have to do is remember to pay attention.


How the 7 Huna Principles Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Huna refers to Hawaiian shamanism, an ancient system of spiritual and personal empowerment. Here is an overview of each of the seven Huna principles, along with how they can help you manifest your goals and intentions


Live Well
Wisdom from the Robin

Robins are a welcome sign of spring, and they teach us to be expressive, stand our ground, and be loyal and friendly. Let the wisdom of the robin inspire you this spring -- and all year round.


Wisdom from a Dolphin

We can learn much from this inspiring nautical creature; here are some of dolphin's most valuable lessons and qualities:


Avoid Boredom By Taking Chances

Never be content with routine. Find a way to break it with even a small plan.


15 Inspiring Quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here are some great quotes from a man who inspires us still to hold fast to conviction, determination, and hope – for the world and for ourselves.


Wisdom from a Dragonfly

When a dragonfly appears, it could be a sign that positive change is imminent. Let dragonfly remind you to see things as clearly as possible, be more flexible, see past the surface and connect with more substantial truths.


Two Slips of Paper

There is a Hasidic teaching that says you should carry two slips of paper with you in your pockets at all times.


Live Well
Mood-Boosting Foods

Here are 4 delicious options to include in your balanced diet that will help fight depression and keep your brain happier.


Keeping a Fresh Mind for Yoga

How do you keep your mind and body united when doing triangle pose for the thousandth time?


How Much Salt is Too Much Salt and Why

Knowledge is mind power, so now is a good time for a little salt education.


Using Essential Oils To Awaken The Mind

For combating stress to regaining focus, the answer is often to just take a deep breath. But, what if that breath had something a bit more than oxygen? The sense of smell is a powerful tool in setting your mood and channeling your energy.


Keeping a Yoga Journal

A yoga journal is one of the most effective ways to improve your practice while also serving as a personalized resource.   Here are some ideas about ways to use a yoga notebook.


Essentially You – Essential Oils and Meditation

Incorporating essential oils with your meditation and rejuvenation practice might help you enjoy a deeper sense of peace that is triggered each time you smell your chosen scent.


Live Well
A Village of 100 People

One mind-opening way to re-think our connections with each other.


How gratitude can improve the quality of our thoughts and our lives

Practicing gratitude can improve mental wellbeing as much as diet, exercise and good sleeping habits. Here are some examples of this principle in action


Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy of arranging work or living spaces for optimal flow of life energy, also known as "chi." While the process can be complex and involving a birth chart and the octagonal "ba-gua" chart, you can get started with some simple feng shui principles for your home.


Mosaics, Disparate Pieces Comprising Unity in Art

 Mosaics can be made from virtually anything, and provide a comforting, repetitive motion that results in something real, something solid that is beautiful.


Nonprofits That Assist Women With Breast Cancer

There are five lesser-known nonprofit organizations that also play dynamic roles in the lives of women who currently have or who are survivors of breast cancer. 



How The Process of Making Art Can Transform You

When you create, you set your spirit free. The process of doing it is what counts more than the finished piece, and it belongs to you. The joy is all yours.