Live Well
How the energy of your intentions affects the world around you

When positive thoughts spontaneously come from you instead of the negative ones, you're on your way to becoming an even more powerful creator.



The ABC of Mindfulness: Awareness, Balance, Compassion

Mindfulness is a unique way of approaching the world each day – a practical way to stay present.


Viewing Intention as a Conscious Synchronicity

Many people have experienced a synchronistic event in their lives. You think of someone with whom you haven't spoken for some time and get a phone call from them that night. Read more...


Why Gratitude is an Important Element in Your Intentions

Here is why gratitude is important for manifesting intentions and some exercises to incorporate into your regular intention process.


Mastering the Watcher in Your Life

Here is how to make better use of your Watcher so you have more control over your emotional reactions to life.


Infographic: How art helps us grow

It is never too late (or early) to get creative. Now go grab a brush and get started. 



Live Well
David Bowie and the Creative Soul

While you may or may not be an artist professionally, David Bowie's thoughts on creativity and the pursuit of passion give you wonderful window on ways to more fully embrace your life.


Navigating Change & Making The Most Of It

It only takes determination and love to create change in your life and in the world. Here are few quotes and thoughts to help you embrace change.


Getting Motivated and Staying There

It's time to beat the winter blues and get motived to achieve and succeed.


A Fresh Start for the Year

 Let these quotes inspire you to look at things from a different perspective and to embrace the year and the changes you can create within it.


10 Simple, Inspirational Ways of Thinking About Life

Our outlook determines our worldview – and when we choose to view and think about life positively, we discover possibilities we previously might have missed.


10 Succinct Inspirations on Peace

Here are ten short but significant meditations on peace – gathered from teachers whose own lives helped illuminate this potent philosophy.


Live Well
Any Yoga Pose Can Be Restorative

It is easy to think that asanas - yoga poses - belong in specific categories: energizing, strengthening, calming, etc. Practiced the right way, though, an asana can become whatever we need it to be on that particular day.


Finding Your Real Limit In Yoga

Listen to your body and learn when to stop. Just be sure that it is actually your body talking, not the false fears and attachments of the mind that create obstacles to progress.


There Is No “I” In Asana

Though most of us know how to correctly spell “asana,” we still have trouble keeping the “I” out of yoga poses – if we can let go of the “I,” and they will also be closer to true, actual yoga.


A True Yoga Selfie

Regard yoga selfies and the like as a fun thing to do, but remember your best yoga selfie is the one you take from within each time you practice Yoga.


Three Yoga Poses for Quieting Your Mind

While yoga has many benefits for the body and physical health, calming and quieting the mind is one of the most important things yoga has to offer.


5 Key Tips for Brain Health

A happy, fulfilling life requires a healthy brain, and there are some important habits we can cultivate to keep it functioning optimally for a lifetime