Live Well
Why is Your Spirit Guide a Crow?

Here are some thoughts on why people see different forms when working with their spiritual guides.


Why You Value Safety Over Your Intentions

This is an energy that most people fight unconsciously because it's trying to prevent change from happening. It's part of the mechanism in charge of keeping you safe.


Real Life Faith

Faith simply means trust or confidence. By this definition faith can manifest itself in many positive ways in our lives regardless of whether or not we have a particular religion.


What Type of Perceiver Are You?

You’re born with 5 senses - sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste. As your mind and body grows, you begin to favor one or two of those senses when experiencing the world.


Standard of Living Vs. Quality of Life

Evaluating how we feel about what we have can help us balance our quality of life with our standard of living, and thus help us find a greater sense of peace and acceptance in our life.


Mindfulness Meditation and Pain Management

Mindfulness meditation is a special practice that teaches a person to detach themselves from their pain. This gives them better control over how their body reacts to being uncomfortable. Here is how this meditative practice can help you with your chronic pain.


Live Well
The Ever Quotable Mark Twain

From Twain, we can all take the lesson of never taking ourselves or, more importantly, never taking others' opinions of ourselves so seriously.


Wisdom from the Seahorse

The seahorse is one of the ocean’s most intriguing, delightful creatures. With their coiling tails and equine features, they decorate and adorn the sea as few animals do. They also have some very unique and fascinating qualities. Here are five things we can learn from the seahorse


Wisdom from the Salmon

Salmon are one of the most unique water animals on the planet. Here are five key things we can learn from the salmon.


The Perfect Time is Now

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


Use the NLP "Swish" Pattern to Make Positive Life Changes

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a system for optimizing the brain for success and fulfillment. The NLP Swish Pattern is a fairly simple tool that can assist you in replacing an unwanted behavior, habit or outcome with a new one. Here's how it works


Wisdom from the Duck

We may see ducks regularly at the local pond or park, but have you ever stopped to consider and appreciate their many compelling qualities? Here are five things we can learn from the duck.


Live Well
Using Mindfulness to Lose Weight

By being mindful of why you are eating, you can begin to align yourself with the wisdom of your body, which knows how much energy you need to take in via food.


Stay Calm and Get Better

If you or someone you love is struggling to cope with a health problem, try these tips to stay calm and grounded.


When Yes or No Just Won't Do - Muscles Testing With Ranges

Here are some interesting approaches of muscle testing to get you started making better choices.


Smudging 101

The term “smudging” refers to almost any type of spiritual or energetic cleansing that uses the smoke. 


Breath is Life in Hawaiian Spirituality

Make use of a powerful breathing technique to empower yourself and get rid of anxiety.


Three Reasons to Eat Local Food

Does eating local food matter? We have three reasons that we think it does.